Cancellation and Returns

Cancellations Policy

Order change or cancellation requests will be accepted till the time of shipment from our warehouse. Even during this period, we reserve our right to accept order change based on the type of modification .Our decision in this regard will be final and the same will binding on you. Cancellation of order will not be accepted, once the shipment is out of our warehouse for delivery. The refund will be processed through the same online mode in 10 to 15 working days.

Returns Policy

1. In the unlikely event that your merchandise arrives damaged, you should email us a photo of the damaged product. You must email us about any damaged items in your shipment within 24 hours of receiving your order. The photo should be clear to help us assess the nature and type of damage.

2. Upon receipt of damaged product and after authorisation of the same at our end, we will send you the replacement subject to availability of the same in stock. If the product is out of stock, we will send you a "Credit Note". This credit note can be utilised for purchase of Aakar product within a period of 12 months from the date of issue. The credit note will lapse after this period. Kindly ensure to place an order for a value equal to the total credit note value while surrendering the same, since we will not entertain such request more than once. Also, the difference for lesser value will not be refunded. No cash back is possible against credit note at any time. You can however, avail full value of credit note by placing an order of higher value on payment of differential amount along with surrender of credit note.

3. We take great efforts to put in the details of colour, dimensions and weight of every product. We encourage you to confirm the same with us before placing an order. Please note, we strictly do not exchange products based on the reasons that it's too long or too heavy or mismatch of colour shades, size or dimension

4. We do not offer refunds once a product is purchased. We will replace it only if there is damage in transit.

5. We have a policy of No exchanges/No returns/No refunds.

6. Please do not courier the product to us without authorization from Team Aakar. We will not offer any replacement in such a case.

7. All returns/replacements are subject to the discretion of Aakar.

Refunds Policy

1. We do not offer refunds once a product is purchased. We will replace it only if there is damage in transit. This is subject to Returns policy...

2. We have a policy of No refunds / No exchanges / No returns

Guarantee /Warranty Policy

1. We use best quality raw material that is allergy free.  However if you are allergic to non-gold jewellery we do not hold any responsibility to any kind of damage.

2. Since most of our products are crafted in metal alloys we do not provide any guarantee.

All the aforesaid policies are to be read with Terms and Conditions listed on this website.

We will be glad to answer any other questions or clarifications.

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