Jewellery Care

Some tips

Please store jewellery in zip lock pouches to preserve striking good looks & finish. Fancy velvet or leather boxes are only for good looks on shelf display.

Spray your special perfume before putting on the jewellery of your choice. Keep them away from perfumes. In case of accidental contact, just spot dry it with a cotton cloth.

Remove the daily ware jewellery such as mangalsutra, chains, bangles, tops etc. while having a bath. Exposure to flow of water during bath fades the polish faster. While humid conditions of India are inevitable for sweating, reduced exposure to direct water will retain the polish for longer period.  

Approach us to re-polish your jewellery items for a new sparkling look. We will do it at minimum costs. However, Antique & Kundan jewellery is not re-polishable.

Do not attempt to repair your damaged jewellery. Typical instances are replacing inlay stones, soldering, length alterations etc. We will advise you the best solution to give it back the best possible new look at an affordable cost.  .

Please take jewellery trials while sitting on a bed. It can be hard to find, if dropped on the floor .These are delicate items which may break if dropped on floor. So, do not pull it or bang it. Finding replacement for one lost item in a pair can be challenging.